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Every woman cares about her hair, but there’s an extra special emphasis when it comes to black women! The general rule: no matter what, keep it done. This is a recession proof fact; regardless of the status of the country’s economy you better believe it’s in the budget to visit the hairdresser.


“My Black is Beautiful” Day in Cincinnati

It’s Just Hair: Liberation

If you’ve been in the city of Cincinnati you may have noticed a popular trend amongst the elder women that has grown on the 20 & 30 somethings. It’s the desire to go natural. It has become sort of a movement really over the last several years, where women of color are becoming confident enough to let go of their relaxers. Understand, it is not an easy transition when you’ve been trained throughout your life to think and visualize beauty a certain way. I can attest to this reality for I also let go of the “creamy crack” three years ago, October 2008.

Since that time, honey! It’s been rough (no pun intended). Though, I didn’t turn back even when I felt like my hair was becoming unmanageable. I wanted to triumph over this idea that I had to have a relaxer to feel pretty. It was about empowerment! Positively, many Cincinnati women agree with me. Just take a look at Queen City Naturals out in Rookwood Commons (J. Alexanders) for a happy hour intended to offer support and encouragement on the position:

Remember that the choice is yours. Keep in mind that beauty is what you make of it! Originality and confidence is a trend that’s always in, so never feel pressured to answer to anyone’s standards but your own. Chris Rock‘s 2009 Good Hair documentary addresses this subject in great lengths. He spoke with OPRAH providing a huge platform for the film at the time. Whether you’re locking, twisting, braiding, or rocking a fro live and be free. If you want to switch it up, that’s what a sew-in is for!

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