They split up back in October but Fetty Wap is still standing by Alexis Skyy‘s side as they expect their second child together. The Love and Hip-Hop star was recently admitted to the hospital over pregnancy complications — and Fetty and spent the entire time by her side, making sure she and their new baby were healthy. At the hospital, […]


Check out the new smash hit single from DJ J.Dough Ft Mama Named Me Evan – 2020 Tesla. Do you think it’s a hit or Nah??? take a listen and comment below. Click here for Itunes link.  

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Guess which one of your favorite rappers has an ex that is about to lose their home and it doesn’t look like they plan to lend a hand!

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The drama between Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s break up is starting to take a turn for the worst as it’s been reported that Nick Young’s ex plans to sell her side of the story.  She wants the world to know her side and the cause of Iggy Azalea and Nick Young’s engagement and  break […]

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Looks like the beef is still cooking between Ciara and Future as Future releases a record that could be geared towards his ex Ciara throwing shots at her.  Hear for yourself and take a listen.  Future has recently released a song called “Juice” that talks about a baby mama and although he has quite a […]

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Go JLO! Keeping it sexy in her new song, “Ain’t Your Mama”. Is it Hot or Not? Listen here!

Chris Brown finally squashed his baby mama beef and the y decide to co parent their little baby together. Sources connected to Chris and Nia tell us they sat down recently to figure out how best to raise Royalty peacefully. They’ve even decided to take her to swim lessons, gymnastics and dance classes … together! […]


No matter how petty all this seems to be it’s starting to look like ish is about to hit the roof. Over the past week or two Tyga has been sending subliminals at his BM, ex-stripper, big booty girlfriend Black Chyna. WELL apparently Mama Black Chyna is tired of it and now wants parts of Tyga […]

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“And I’mma make sure I’m drop-dead gorgeous every time he see me…” While Thursdays are usually reserved for “throwback” pictures, Ashanti decided to go in another…

  The mother of music mogul Diddy‘s first child, Misa Hylton-Brim is in the midst of a battle to save her New York City home from being foreclosed upon. She wants Diddy’s help to stop the bank from snatching back her property, but Diddy wants no parts of the matter. READ MORE JOIN THE OFFICIAL WIZNATION FACEBOOK FAN […]

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We just got a tip from a nurse at Los Angeles’ Cedars Sinai Hospital . . . and they told us that Kanye and Kim’s…

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Chris Bosh has reportedly put a stop to his baby mama Allison Mathis appearing on the upcoming season of “Basketball Wives,” according to TMZ. So, it looks like Royce Reed’s spot as a castmate is still safe. Read more about how Bosh shut it down HERE. Top 9 Most Exciting Black Basketball Players Is Royce […]