Yep, Em responded to MGK’s “Rap Devil” diss! Sheesh!!!

Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha come together to bring it “Home” for the  Netflix Movie “Bright.”  They all connect to go against stereotypes, race, violence and discrimination which runs through out the movie “Bright”as well. It all started at Home during thanksgiving and now They  are back for the Christmas holiday with […]

Machine Gun Kelly is fresh off his new album drop “Bloom” and still gunning for more. MGK just leaked his new video “The Gunner” which gives this Machine Gun Kelly ready for war kind of vibe. Watch MGk spit and “Bloom” as he speaks up for his city, and his people as the front man […]

Machine Gun Kelly is taking off with his “Bad Things” track featuring Fifth Harmony’s Camilia Cabello. The song is a melody that everyone can relate to and the video just makes it an even catchier tune being that it brings across the issues of love. I think Machine Gun Kelly and Cabello make for a […]

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 Amber Rose and Wiz Kalifah are looking extra cozy these days but are these two in couples counseling? Nahhhhhhh! But seems as though they are keeping things cool for their son, Sebastian’s sake. Sure they’ve had their ups and downs and its all been publicized via social media. Wiz Kalifah performed in LA and guess […]

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Amber Rose And Machine Gun Kelly Break Up Amber Rose and  Machine Gun Kelly are officially over. After months of sweet  love, Amber is confirming…

Im really starting to feel like Amber Rose is a thot. Maybe im tripping but I feel like she goes from man to man to quick. source 

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It feels so good to see this guy coming out of Ohio and becoming an international superstar.  Wiz Khalifa and Machine Gun Kelly on one stage is mean combo. source    

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Rapper Machine Gun Kelly, real name Richard Colson Baker, is living up to his hit song “Wild Boy” in a real way. Did You See?: A…

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Machine Gun Kelly just released his Bad Boy debut album, Lace Up. In this documentary the Cleveland rapper gives us a behind the scenes look at the making of the project.


  Via Thisis50.com Check out the video from Machine Gun Kelly on the heels of his new album “Lace Up” it’s called “See My Tears”…

Music in its self is a very special thing. A song can touch a place inside our heart that no teacher, preacher, or parent ever could. It’s moments like these that really show and prove just how much these artists mean to their fans and supporters. Check out the video below of MGK and one […]