Taraji P. Henson‘s beef with Nia Long on the set of Empire was reportedly started by a joke that Nia didn’t find very funny. Sources say Nia showed up late to the set and was not in a laughing mood when one of the male actors joked, “Damn, why are you on black people time?” […]

A London movie theater had some fun with the Oscars mix-up and played a joke on audience members. Moviegoers went to the London Rio Cinema to see Moonlight, but after the lights went down, La La Land came on the screen. After a few seconds, the film was shut down and theater employees fumbled around […]

In today's joke, Rock-T asks, why did the frog take the bus to work?

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Kim Kardashian has had enough! For those reporting that her robbery incident was a joke will be eating their words as she plans to sue!


I laughed for ten minutes straight after viewing this video. Click below  and check out one of my favorite jokes. Viewers under the age of 18 please watch with caution. Some viewers may find language in this clip inapropriate. source 

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In the first installment of “Buttnaked Fridays” comedian Royale Watkins asks if it’s cool for a  grown a$$ man to purchase a single Prince ticket and treat himself to a Prince concert? Those tickets are expensive and if a man can’t find a woman worthy to take why not go dolo? But that’s just our […]


Bristol Palin Slams Kathy Griffin’s Precious Fat Joke Just a word of advice, famous people. If you keep talking about Bristol Palin, she’s going to keep responding.