Via:Ballerstatus If you haven’t heard by now, the price of Apple’s popular iPhone 3GS touch-screen phone has slashed its cost … they’re now available for $97 at Wal-Mart. The price cut began earlier this week for the 16GB model, the lowest it’s been on sale for. It usually retails for $199, and obviously, is only […]

Via:Yahoo/News Twitter introduced on Friday its first official applications for smartphones, on the iPhoneand BlackBerrydevices. The apps are part of Twitter’s bid to extend the Twitter experience on all major mobile platfo rms the company says. No word on official Android or Palm WebOS apps yet. Twitter bought the hugely popular iPhone client Tweetie and will rebrand and relaunch it […]


We’ve all been tempted to do it, and, let’s just be honest, many of us have done it before. Paranoia or boredom grips, and we read through text messages or e-mails on our significant other’s phone. But when the tables turn, how do you ensure this invasion of privacy isn’t perpetrated? A new iPhone application […]