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Apple launches iPhone models 7 and 7 plus in Russia

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Before you even think about putting that payment down on Apple’s iPhone 8 or X, they are already working on something to burn a bigger hole in your pocket. Apple is working to launch a new phone that is bendable.

Mashable reports that Apple is recruiting a team that can provide its users with a foldable phone that will still be able to fit perfectly in your pocket. The publication notes that this kind of high-tech protocol, that will do so much more than the past flip phones, is not new. In fact, LG has apparently been working on a similar design for about 10 years now.

A design like this, that is said be available in 2020, may have us looking back at our current phones the same way we look at the first iPod shuffle. It will be a completely new path for the iPhone and may be moving us closer to no longer needing laptops. Think about it, a phone that bends in half means that once it’s open it’s double the size.” – HNHH

Wait. 2020 really isn’t that far away now that I think about it. Honestly can we bring back flip phones and sidekicks?

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