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Google Maps Returns To Apple's iPhone

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Apple’s been riding high as of late with the soaring success of Apple Music, but not everyone is too happy with the Cupertino-based company, according to Fast Company.

One of the biggest issues in today’s America is gun control, and activists thinks that it starts with removing the gun emoji from the iPhone.

New Yorkers Against Gun Violence (NYAGV), has Apple in its cross hairs and believes its cause will do a lot of good.”The iPhone is ubiquitous. [Guns are] on the iPhone as an option,” says NYAGV executive director Leah Barrett “We thought this was a way to bring attention to the issue.”

The cause also hosts a site,, which even features a hyperlinked button to tweet the CEO and ask for the removal of the emoji.The site also features startling facts like “ There are enough guns in America for every man, woman and child”,62% of online sellers are willing to sell guns to people who can’t pass background checks”, and “Every 17 minutes, a person in America dies due to a gun-related incident.”

In light of recent events, Apple has removed all images of guns from the App Store.

If Apple does respond to this petition, it won’t be surprising as they’ve recently added same-sex couples and racially diverse characters with different skin tones to the available list of emojis.



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