Trust wasn’t at the center of the relationship for one Arizona couple. This past Saturday night, Delia Flores was arrested for shooting her boyfriend several times, including in the genitals, when she suspected him of cheating. She called 911 after the shooting, originally withholding information on how he got shot. When police arrived, she eventually confessed that she […]

It amazes me how unfaithful men are these days. They have girlfriends, fiancé’s , baby mama’s, boo’s and still will attempt to try to have me and you at the “Same Damn Time” (*in my future voice*).  I personally think this is sad. Seriously, why is our generation so unfaithful? Has infidelity always been this bad? I […]

“When it’s dark in your life just wait for the daylight!” Mary Mary has your daily dose of anointing through song. Listen and receive your blessings. God can work miracles! “In the morning you’ll be alright!” [youtube   Your thoughts? Jade West “Always On a Musical Quest” On-Air Personality/Producer/Public Affairs Producer of the Russ […]

Tina Campbell, one half of the gospel group Mary Mary admitted in this months issue of EBONY Magazine that her husband cheated on her with a family friend. He allegedly also kept the affair secret for two years. Tina tweeted about it while asking fans to join her and her husband in a 30day restoration […]

Ice-T’s wife Coco found herself in the crosshairs of the Original Gangsta after photos of her getting cozy with another man were leaked to the…

. During Hott Off the Wire, Alfredas shared a story on some exclusive private moments with Ceelo Green and his ex. As we all know the first season of The Voice is a wrap and Javier Colon was crowned the winner. But did you know off camera there was some kind of a riff going […]

Courtesy of: AC – Radio One Detroit, This just in from the WCHB News Room: KWAME KILPATRICK ISSUES STATEMENT UPON RELEASE “I want to humbly thank all of the people who prayed for me and my family throughout this tumultuous time, especially during the past 14 months. Your prayers inspired me to press on […]

After vehemently insisting that his Twitter account had been hacked when a lewd photo was sent to one of his female followers, Congressman Anthony Weiner has now come clean. During a press conference today he admitted that he did send the photos and that they were of him. While a politician admitting to cheating on […]

As expected, there are still a variety of very scathing rumors orbiting around the latest on the Arnold Schwarzenegger love child story and his subsequent split with his wife, Maria Shriver of the last 25 years. The Hollywood power couple shocked the world nearly two weeks ago with the news that they were calling it […]

Multiple early morning reports and updates on the Schwarzenegger/Shriver split have confirmed the identity of the mother of Schwarzenegger’s love child. Mildred Baena, 50, is the woman who’s name has been thrust into the media frenzy surrounding the shocking separation and the even more shocking revelation that Schwarzenegger has fathered a child outside of his […]

We’re almost positive Maria Shriver is just as embarrassed as any woman and mother would be at the explosive news that her husband Arnold Schwarzenegger has lived a double life right in front of her eyes. Their recent separation has caused such a rough spot in the minds of many who are always rooting for […]