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During Hott Off the Wire, Alfredas shared a story on some exclusive private moments with Ceelo Green and his ex. As we all know the first season of The Voice is a wrap and Javier Colon was crowned the winner. But did you know off camera there was some kind of a riff going on? According to Ceelo Green’s ex girl friend he despises his former co worker, voice coach, Christina Aquilera. She also went on to tell an Austin radio station he thought Christina is rude.

“She’s a stuck up priMa donna who thinks she’s the real star of the show”!

The girl friend continued to expose Ceelo’s many skeleton’s by admitting that Gnarls went over board when it came to alcohol and drugs. As her teeth continued to chatter she even explained how he once vomited in bed. T.M.I.? She also said he engaged in several rendezvous with other women during their relationship. Meanwhile being a divo (male diva) the woman claimed  “Ceelo demanded she carry his bags, as if she was some kind of flunky”! Maybe that’s when she finally decided to call it quits.

Your thoughts?

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