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It amazes me how unfaithful men are these days. They have girlfriends, fiancé’s , baby mama’s, boo’s and still will attempt to try to have me and you at the “Same Damn Time” (*in my future voice*).  I personally think this is sad. Seriously, why is our generation so unfaithful? Has infidelity always been this bad? I see couples posting happy photos on my timeline all the time and I feel inspired to want the same thing. However surprisingly, the same guys who are posting these happy pics are the most frequent ones in my inbox trying to “Holla”.  I don’t understand how this can be: You have a girlfriend, you still talking to your ex-girlfriend and you still “sexing” your baby mama, so why are you trying to talk to other people?

I’ve come to the conclusion that:

1.      Men only cheat if you let them: Most guys don’t really want to engage in the activity of cheating, they just want to see if they still have it.  There actions will include, flirting, sexting, and actions that will make you question the extent of the relationship.

2.      Men usually cheat with women they know: Maybe you’ve been friends for years, someone he knew back in the day, someone’s he’s always had a crush on. He will cheat with you because he believes his chances of getting caught are slimmer.

3.      Men cheat to feel secure: Maybe he’s been in a relationship for a long time and she doesn’t look at him like she used to, or she don’t do the things she used to. This can lead to him cheating. He needs to feel like a hot commodity even tho he’s off the market.

4.      Men are fully aware of the consequences of cheating before they do it.  Before a man cheats he already knows the risk, this is why he comes fully prepared. He creates lie to tell his signifcant other, get his friends to act as an alibly and finds a low key location to engage in cheating nature.

5.      Most men still love their wife when they’re cheating.  The sad truth is most men have no intentions of leaving their wife, girlfriend or boo. You’re just the one that has their attention at that moment. Either it’s a one-time occurence or they will want to continue the affair as long as you let him.

No matter what, Ladies remember that it is not your fault. The women is not to blame if her man cheats on her. When he cheats, he is alive and well therefore, he makes the decision to go further.  His decison has nothing to do with you.  Remember, “Men don’t cheat because of who she is; they cheat because of who they’re not”.

Do you Agree or Disagree? Share your thoughts below!

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