That’s right not only is the Chicago emcee a rapper but Chance can now officially add actor to his list of names. Chance The Rapper stars in a horror movie called, Slice, where he plays a pizza delivery boy. The murder mystery movie is based around an eerie pizza joint and stars actress Zazie Beetz who […]

Ok family the reviews are in and so far so good! The third installment of the PA series definitely follows the same formula as the first two films so lets just get that out of the way. Your opinion of the first two will pretty much be that of the third, BUT never-the-less directors Henry Joost […]

Looks like Lindsay Lohan has her eyes set on the prize this week on screen. The former teen star recently discussed her wish to play in Stephen King’s remake of the horror classic Carrie despite her troubles landing major film roles lately. Photo: Getty Images Thanks to a long list of industry failures and the […]

The thrilling nature of one of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters is about to return, but this time with new blood on the big screen. That’s right the hit series of “Scream” films is back with the fourth installation and a few new faces. Looks like director Wes Craven is back at it! Actress Hayden Panettiere is […]