Keeping up with the Queen of Cultural Appropriation is getting tiring. Another day, another airline is accused of being racially biased. A JetBlue flight attendant is suing the airline after claiming that she was grounded and denied pay over her hairstyle. The New York Daily News reports that Charleen Momperousse, who is African-American and Haitian, said she was about to board a flight in December 2015 […]

Whether it was Beyoncé giving us 26 inches of Hawaiian silky or singer Kriss Mincey with the perfect short cut, we have the best hairstyles from the 59th Annual Grammy Awards that are going to have you making a hair appointment pronto.

Taraji took a risk from her usual red carpet look and won big with her tantalizing tresses.

Kanye West wasn’t a blonde for very long. Now he’s sporting multi-colored locks — and Twitter is having a field day. Yeezy’s been pictured in public with multiple pastel colors dyed into his hair — including pink and yellow. Here’s what people are saying on Twitter: Kanye removes all doubt he’s having his Amanda Bynes moment. […]

A Bunch Of Chicks Go Dumpster Diving After A Beauty Store Threw Out Their Weaves! Check out what happened.

Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas continues to break barriers and records going for the Gold in Rio for the Olympics.  Unfortunately. she can not break away from the wrath of social media’s disrespectful comments about her hair. She finally speaks on it and talks about the effects of it.

From the social media tear downs of Olympic Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas hair not meeting the standards of society while breaking records and achieving goals, today’s Dimes Diary topic is: Is Hair Maintenance A Priority or Deal Breaker For You?