A judge forcing Kesha to remain in her contract with Sony presents a huge warning sign to women everywhere: Read carefully before you sign.

Cred – [NBA]: After his dreadful disappearing act when the Cavaliers needed him most during The Finals, most might consider the move redundant. But J.R.…

“Till death do us part” must be old school and a thing of the past because lawmakers in Mexico City are proposing a bill that will grant newly-weds a 2 Year marriage license. The update to the civil code would let couples get a marriage contract as short as 2 years. If they experience 24 months […]

Just as the hype was beginning to build momentum, Hip Hop mega-star 50 Cent has announced he’s pulling out of the exclusive concert scheduled to take place during the Shoppiesta Festival in Dubai this month. According to the show’s organizers and directors, 50 Cent’s withdrawal from the special event was officially confirmed on August 13th. […]