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Teyana opened things up with H.E.R. right behind her followed by Erykah while Brandy appropriately closed things out. Each artist tackled topics relating to Black womanhood and touched on socio-political issues that are prevalent to Black women. On Instagram, Brandy was thankful that her friends and fellow artists came together for this epic moment.  


I’m not sure why Brandy continues to deny that she’s not pregnant. BUT Princess Love and Ray J have announced they are with child! Big congratulations to their family! https://www.instagram.com/p/BcAkRHJBsjQ/?taken-by=rayj Now here’s the plot twist. Monica Slaughter of Love & Hip-Hop claims that Brandy is carrying the child for them. A post shared by Slayana […]


Brandy has shut down pregnancy rumors, and said no she’s not pregnant. But recent pictures have us all wondering… What is really going on. I’m sure she’ll let us know and tell the world on her own time.  


Can you say shade? Right after J. Lo’s birthday sheesh. Brandy shared a pic on IG that is clearly ICONIC! With her and Mariah Carey, but it wasn’t the picture that had people feeling some type of way… it was the caption. https://www.instagram.com/p/BW0b9spF1FH/?taken-by=4everbrandy You may be wondering what’s the problem with #SheKnowsMe. I would love […]

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Throughout the last several months, singer/actress Brandy has found herself at the center of controversy for one thing after another. Whether it’s clapping back at Internet trolls on social media, reigniting her decades-long feud with fellow singer Monica or online fighting with her former songwriter Tiyon “TC” Christian, Brandy has been pretty busy keeping up […]

Brandy wants to set the record straight about her recent years of alleged shady behavior.

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On the heels of his record-breaking American Music Awards nominations, 13 in total, Drake has another reason to celebrate because he just achieved the same feat at this year’s Soul Train Music Awards where he leads the pack with a whopping 12 nominations. Beyoncé is right behind Drizzy with multiple nominations as well, with 8 […]

Not even McDonald’s beef can be preserved for this long. Yes, Brandy’s still mad at Monica and it doesn’t seem to be over a boy. The R&B divas’ infamous 90’s feud was recently rehashed when an Instagram commenter asked Brandy if she would be participating in the #SoGoneChallenge. https://twitter.com/thejasminebrand/status/769604152561311745 Brandy replied, “Chile Bye,” which many commenters felt […]

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Just when you though the long-standing beef/feud/drama/pettiness between Brandy and Monica had come to an end, today another installment in the saga emerged. Coming on the heels of Monica’s appearance on the season premiere of The Real where she spoke of how she felt about Brandy response to not joining the #SoGoneChallenge of her 2003 […]

Monica Brown is un-phased and un-bothered by celebrity drama.