A video billboard at Washington, DC’s Union Station aroused quite a bit of attention during the Tuesday evening rush when it started showing hardcore porn. Instead of ads, which usually play on the billboard, a three-minute porn video was streamed from Pornhub. Some shocked bystanders recorded the footage, which one person described as “really explicit.” […]

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The National Retail Federation predicts that Americans will splurge on appoximately $18.6 billion in Valentines Day gifts.  So companies are getting really creative with their advertising.  Some ads are fun and creative, some are sexy, and some are just down right crazy.  We’ve found some of the most controversial Valentines Day ads ever. Like The […]

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Rihanna goes nude for Nivea’s new campaign celebrating the cosmetic brand’s 100th anniversary. She has just been announced as the latest spokesperson to front the brand. In the photo, Rihanna sports a fresh makeup-free face; however, four of her tattoos can be seen peeking out. “The 100 Years Skincare for Life” campaign kicks off in […]


[PHOTOS] Beyonce’s New L’Oreal Lipstick “Colour Riche” Ads Beyonce’s newest set of ads for L’Oreal have been released.

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To some, it might actually be surprising to find out today’s beauty and fashion update is about our girl Yaya DaCosta. Do you remember her? She was the runner-up on season three of Tyra Banks‘ famed America’s Next Top Model reality series/competition, the same season another beautiful face – Eva Pigford – took home the […]