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Presidential Candidate And Former President Donald Trump Attends Sneaker Con To Launch His New Shoe Line

Source: Chip Somodevilla / Getty

Donald Trump hit up Sneaker Con, that’s not a typo. As news spread of his audacity, it also came to light that he is now selling sneakers, and the jokes have been non-stop ever since.

If you haven’t been paying attention, Cheeto is soon to be hard up for cash, if not so already, thanks to a series of L’s in court. The latest is getting fined $355M in a New York State courtroom for business fraud. Nevertheless, he’s still campaigning to be President, and to avoid jail, and one stop on Saturday, February 17, was at Sneaker Con.

MSNBC’s Vaughn Hillyard then reported that the Trump campaign would be hawking sneakers. Bruh…

Some of the shoe models include a gold-plated hi-top reportedly dubbed the “Never Surrender” while another looks like your standard Skechers, flyknit rip-off, respectfully. At this point, it’s clear we’re living in a simulation.

Trump is also selling fragrances, which comes with its own set of jokes since he’s been clowned for allegedly not having the best personal hygiene.

But we’re here for the sneaker slander, and assembled some of the best in the gallery, for archival purposes. Also, word is the kicks will cost his supporters a smooth $399. The jokes truly write themselves.

Donald Trump Booed At Sneaker Con While Selling Sneakers, X Clowns His Gold MAGA Fraud 1’s  was originally published on

1. There’s a T on the side.


2. Bruh…

3. No shame.

4. How much?



7. Congratulations…

Ya played yourself.




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