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Nathan breaks down why everyone should support the fast food workers strike.


  The Buckeye Firearms Association has raised, to date, over $12,000 for George Zimmerman to purchase a new gun. I’m not making it up, that’s the stated purpose.  Here is a clip of my upcoming interview with Joe Eaton, the Buckeye Firearms Association south-west representative.  I press Joe for understanding and let him know exactly […]

Rick Ross is a very irritated man.  I’m not talking about the pudgy dude with the rented chains and exaggerated lifestyle. (Who the eff can really afford a Maybach anyway?) I’m talking about the REAL Rick Ross, the Rick Ross who spent 20 years in Federal prison, the Rick Ross who was a pawn in […]

Bouncing off the proverbial top-rope and smashing down with a mighty elbow to the face of the status quo, Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka style-The Straight Talk Podcast is back- in-the-building! Your requests for superlative content have been heard. The radio gods said,”Let there be flow!”-and now there is… On this Podcast of Straight Talk with Nathan […]