Rick Ross is a very irritated man.  I’m not talking about the pudgy dude with the rented chains and exaggerated lifestyle. (Who the eff can really afford a Maybach anyway?) I’m talking about the REAL Rick Ross, the Rick Ross who spent 20 years in Federal prison, the Rick Ross who was a pawn in the Iran-Contra Scandal, and the Rick Ross who flooded the hood, from California to Ohio, with drugs like a great white tidal wave.  Yeah-that guy. Rick Ross wants his name back and he has no respect for William Leonard Roberts II.  (Also known as “the pudgy dude with the rented chains”). For the REAL Rick Ross also known as “Freeway” Ricky, it really is deeper than rap. For him, it’s about respect. Check the podcast and peep game, real game, from the REAL Rick Ross, unfiltered, unapologetic and understandably irritated (but grateful to be out of prison).

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