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Ok either Justin Bieber is in the illuminati and just doesn’t give a damn or he’s as dumb as a box of rock because since he’s gotten into all this trouble here in the states he’s been placed on our “Homeland Security Watch List”, being that he’s originally from Canada, and in so much trouble. Supposedly homie knew he’d get searched by costume once he touched down back in the states after reentering the country and still chose to smoke the loud anyways!!!

NY Daily News Is Reporting

Justin Bieber was free to go after his private jet was thoroughly searched by DEA and U.S. Customs on suspicion of pot last week, but the pop star apparently masked any trace of drug use.

Somehow, all of the alleged drugs had disappeared, and “none of the items could be linked to Bieber, his father, or their guests.”

Pilots on the expensive Gulfstream IV plane told officials that the plane was “so full of smoke” that they had to wear oxygen masks so that they wouldn’t risk inhaling the marijuana and failing any drug tests, according to NBC News.

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I’m no one to judge, live your life homie. Just looks like you’re really screwing up big time right now.

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