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It’s that time of the year again! That’s right, it’s Valentine’s Day…

Many of you out there will be “boo’ed up” with that special someone that you may have been with for some time now and you already know of their likes, dislikes, what annoys them, etc. Specifically, you’re probably hip to what music will get them “ready” when the time calls. But what about those who are expecting to be by themselves, or those deciding to paint the town red with the girlfriends? You may even be caught dead-smack in the early stages of going out with that new person and you need the right music to be on deck that gives off a flirtatious, yet  non-overt vibe. Aryez and Dj Diamond has you covered with the “Single and Lovin’ It” soundtrack. Each day on through Valentine’s Day this month, we will give you a timeless R&B cut that will send you back to those times of love and will be sure to accommodate your listening needs whether your coupled up or by yourself  on Cupid’s Day.

Today’s Picks: Ginuwine “So Anxious”

 This song was the second release from his 1999 %100 Ginuwine project. It peaked at #2 on the Billboard Hot R&B/ Hip Hop charts.



SWV “You’re Always On My Miind”

“You’re Always On My Mind” was the third single release from SWV’s first album. They originally banded together as a gospel group.



Silk “If You”

“If You” topped at 13 on the Billboard  R&B chart. Did you know that one-time member Gary “Lil G” Jenkins has played roles in plays such as Secret Lovers and Madea’s Family reunion?



Where were you and what were you doing when you first heard these songs? Let us  know your comments. Also, be sure to check out the next “Single and Lovin’ It” track tomorrow!

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