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After covering half of Gucci’s face in ice cream, Shane Willoughby is done with facial tattoos

The Internet was buzzing yesterday after pictures surfaced of Gucci Mane’s latest tattoo. Shane Willoughby, the artist and owner of Atlanta’s Tenth Street Tattoo, has gotten an incredible amount of press due to the ice cream cone. Vibe spoke to Willoughby about Hip Hop’s new infamous tattoo.

“I was [hesitant] like ‘Are you sure you want to put that much [ink] in that area?,'” said Willoughby. “He came straight to the counter and that’s where he pointed.” The artist also assured people Gucci was sober. “I won’t tattoo anybody if their [drunk] or high because I can’t stand the smell of weed… [Gucci] seemed completely sober. He knew what he was doing.”

According to Willoughby, Gucci picked his face because he had no available spots left on his body for a tattoo. “When [Gucci] said he wanted to do the ice cream thing I said ‘Well why don’t we do it somewhere else?’ But he was like I don’t have anywhere else.”

Many readers questioned if Mane will regret this tattoo down the line, he certainly didn’t immediately after. “He was stoked. Had no regrets… was jumping up and down. That’s the way he rolls,” said the Tenth Street Tattoo owner. “I don’t think I’ll ever do [that] again… no matter how successful [the celebrity],” he added.

Another burning question was answered as well, ‘why the lightning bolts coming from the ice cream?’ “He said ‘I want something rock ‘n roll.’ There’s nothing more rock ‘n roll then lightening bolts.”

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