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After a fake press release declaring Omarion was bisexual circulated the Internet Saturday (Jan. 8), the R&B crooner called in to DJ Funkmaster Flex‘s Hot 97 radio show last night to set the record straight regarding his sexuality.

Flex offered Omarion a platform to discuss the release, which was sent by a fictitious public relations representative by the name of Sharron Wright. “First and foremost let me say, I did not release that statement,” the singer said. “You know, whatever people like is their business but I’m not gay or bisexual. I love women and that’s just what it is.”

The former B2K member, who caught wind of the news while in Japan, was angered at the way several media outlets handled the fake statement without verifying sources. Due to the shocking information revealed in the press release, Omarion also became a Trending Topic on Twitter.

“I know Twitter’s fun and we all have our moments and we joke around, but I’m looking at this as people have to start doing their research a little bit more – especially with celebrities and superstars,” Omarion stated. “You can’t just believe everything that you hear.”

The ‘Ice Box’ singer referred to the false release as “outrageous” and informed his supporters globally that he had no interest in men because “it’s not that type of party.”

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