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Previously, a new song entitled ‘Shake’ had leaked on the internet. It was reported that the vocals on the track were that of top Hollywood socialite Kim Kardashian. Once the track got out, Kim was quick to deny that it was her vocals on the song, which again, was reportedly produced by The Neptunes. Kim’s vocals or not, the singer IS taking the plunge to front a solo music career.

R&B songstress Ciara, who is BFFs with the 30-year-old, has in deed confirmed that Kim is working on a solo music career. She also confirms that she has snagged up The Dream & Tricky Stewart for the LP, the very producers who had a heavy hand executive producing her ‘Fantasy Ride’ and ‘Basic Instinct’ albums. Read what Ciara had to say about Kim’s musical direction and what’s instore ahead…

Ciara confirms to MTV News that Kardashian has already hit the studio with super producer The Dream, but the details are being kept under wraps.

“I know that she recorded, but it’s under lock and key what they’re doing”.

Ciara also thinks Kardashian’s music will reflect the star’s feminine style and lots of fierce attitude:

“I think … she’s gonna have a little pop and I think a little attitude. She’s a girly girl [kind of] girl too, but she still has attitude. I think it’s gonna be all that in her music”. Source.

We know how it went with her former BFF Paris Hilton and let’s say it was a doomed deal on that front. Therefore, what makes her think she’ll be any different? They both have sex tapes, party for a living and are just famous for the hell of it without so much as possessing an ounce of real talent. Then again, she IS doing it for “fun” so why should she expect anyone to take her seriously?

How do you think the album will do or are you just tired of seeing this chick


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