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Lil Wayne “I Am Not a Human Being”

Because of his “futuristic flow” rapper Lil Wayne has recently began considering himself and his musical abilities to be from another planet, as referenced in previous albums and mixtapes. Hence, the thought pattern as the derivative of the album’s title. Back with his eighth accord, Lil Wayne blasts off into space with his latest effort, I Am Not a Human Being on Cash Money/Young Money Records. In the end, is “…Not a Human Being” out of this world? Time for you to experience this week’s review on The Rundown to find out.

Where Weezy’s content remains the same in the sense of boasting his rock star lifestyle of money, drugs, violence and women, you have to always respect his wordplay and his use of metaphors and similes. Take the Olympic (Rick Ross)-produced track “Hold Up” featuring T-Streets for example. With witty lines such as “Married to the money you welcomed to the reception/ and she came with problems, them my step sons” and “based on a true story/ I got a million flo’s they ain’t even two stories,” the discerning listener will definitely be taken on a shuttle mission of lyrical excitement. On the album’s title track produced by Infamous, Wayne reconnects with his “Rebirth” rock swagger through the use of hound-barking kicks and an electric guitar blasting all over the speakers.

Though Wayne doesn’t reach out to many high-profile producers on this expedition, he does recruit DVLP for “What’s Wrong With Them” where Young Money’s lone raptress Nicki Minaj offers harmonized vocals on the chorus. It’s actually a breath of fresh air from her typical rap delivery she brings on recent features. Cool & Dre add their synthesizers on “Popular.” Wayne solidifies his street credibility and keeps things intact with “Bill Gates” as producer Boi-1da (Drake, Eminem) uses the trumpets from Ja Rule’s 2000 underground track “We Murderers” along with a one-two, one, one-two snare count. This track is sure to make the trunks of Chevy Impalas and Suburbans pound.

Wayne takes his time throughout the album to slow the hyperactive mission down on two tracks. On the StreetRunner-produced “With You”, he gives an ode to the tatted-up but classy “centerfolds” with Young Money rookie of the year Drake serenading the chorus.  Regardless of the early leak of “I’m Single”, dating back to earlier this year, it seems to stand the test of time promising to have ladies in all clubs forgetting about their male counterparts to let Wayne know their “single” for the night with it’s chopped and screwed, melodic production.

Of course, no Lil Wayne project can be complete without his Young Money label mates and this is where the project falls short of soaring past the stratosphere. Out of the thirteen tracks, he only rides solo for two songs. The listener could easily be swayed into believing this project is the follow up to the “We Are Young Money” group project released just shy of last year. Another pitfall is that being these were tracks recorded before his incarceration beginning in March of this year, most of the songs are steps from being dated and the assumption that can be identified is that his parent label distributed this as a “filler” album to keep his name in the mainstream, but you don’t get a genuine, up to date Wayne. Though his loyal fans will appreciate this project in the short-run, Lil Wayne didn’t quite land us on his new home in Mars.

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