Now there’s an easy way to edit or even delete it. Starting next month, messaging app Line will let users delete messages that they’ve already sent within 24 hours. Just act quickly or chances are the person will have already seen the message. (Moneyish)      

The four major cell phone service providers–Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and AT&T — enabled customers to text their emergencies to the local governments in 16…

source Believe it or not this video was made to encourage drivers to drive without texting. After you see firsthand  the mistakes people make when they drive  and text you will think twice about picking up that cell phone in your car.

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CONGRATULATIONS TO NORTH COLLEGE HILL MIDDLE SCHOOL YOU’RE ALL ON YOUR WAY TO SEE MINDLESS BEHAVIOR AT THE OFFICIAL LISTENING & SKATING PARTY THURSDAY, APRIL 21ST AT SKATETOWN USA Check out the special moments we created for the students in Mr. Snow’s homeroom class this week as we surprised room 219 with a pair of […]


Do Texting-While-Driving Bans Actually Increase Crashes? As you know, a ban against Texting while driving goes into effect in Cincinnati this month in hopes to crack down on deaths and crashes.  Do you think that it will or make drivers text more?


No More Texting & Driving :: Cincinnati City Council Passes Texting Ban Ban On Texting While Driving Goes Into Effect Next Month! The city of Cincinnati is cracking down on drivers that plan to text while driving which has resulted in accidents, and in worse cases, death. Learn more about the ban here.


Plastic Surgeon Was Texting in Car Before Fatal Crash An update is in on the deadly car crash of “The Hills” Reality Cast Star Heidi Montag’s Plastic Surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan. It is now being said that he was texting while driving.


Oops! Beyonce Pulled Over For Texting While Driving Barely having her Driver’s License this year, R&B Singer Beyonce gets pulled over. Not off to a good start, literally! Find out why.

Cincy Whether you’re the sender or receiver, it’s pretty hard to avoid the Late Night Booty Text these days. We’ve already shared ways to compose a good LNBT, but here are the top ten we hope you never send a guy. 10. My friends and I are going out for a big Mexican dinner. Can […]