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Michelle Fonville stepped into Natural Nails in DeKalb County (GA) last week for a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow arch. She was surprised to find out that the cost was $5 more than what it should have been – and more surprised when she found out why.

Fonville says the manager of Natural Nails told her she was charged an additional $5 because she was fat.

“I was humiliated. I almost cried. Tears were forming in my eyes,” Fonville told WSBTV.

You would think Tran, the salon owner, would be apologetic–maybe even deny the claims by made by Fonville–but Tran told a news reporter on camera that this was “not discrimination.” Tran said that the pedicure chairs in the salon can only hold 200 pounds of weight. Since the chairs cost $2,500, they charge overweight customers a fee.

Sounds as close as discrimination as you can get. Also, the fact that the salon serviced Fonville with all three treatments and then charged her the fee seems curious to me. If Natural Nails is so concerned about their chairs then why wouldn’t they just be blatant about it and turn those that they deemed “overweight” away?

Instead, they charge their customers just in case the chairs break?

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We want to know how you feel about the situation. What would your reaction be if you were treated this way in your favorite salon, boutique or even a restaurant? Think about it for a moment and share with us what’s up.


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