The "1 Night" artist caught a lot of flack when he admitted he "couldn't name five songs by Tupac or Biggie" in an recent interview.

The country is up in arms about opposition to the idea that transgender individuals should be able to use the bathroom of their choice, and Special K has some thoughts to share on the topic. Check out the player to hear what he to say about it in this exclusive video brought to you by “The Rickey Smiley Morning […]

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Singer/producer Pharrell Williams found out what makes his fans angry. All it took was for the “Happy” creator to don a traditional Native American headdress…

Artist/producer Pharrell Williams is having the best time of his life right now. He won a truckload of awards this past awards season, got married,…

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  Nipsey Hussle, has been making noise in the hip hop community by selling his #Crenshaw mixtape for $100 a pop and recently stopped by Sway in the Morning to…

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Although merely joking, Cannon flaunted the fact he has been with a few notable women before Yeezy got his hands on them. Back in 2006, before Kim…

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Tran hopped onto her Twitter page to put an end to the media craze. “I have absolutely no involvement w any shirt w my picture on it…

Legendary conscious rapper KRS-One had his most recent video banned from YouTube due to “shocking images.” The video, featuring up and coming rapper Greenie, is politically charged and criticizes U.S. foreign policy. The Grio reports: There’s no coincidence that this ban occurred during a very vulnerable time for many Americans. The 10-year anniversary of the […]

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At least four Arizona State fans attended Saturday’s college football game against Missouri in blackface. The broadcast, which aired on ESPN, showed four young white women with their faces, necks and arms painted all black. Arizona State would win 37-30, thus validating the practice of white (and other) folks painting their faces black as part […]


This past Friday, we welcomed comedian/actor Katt Williams back to the city after his lengthy career hiatus (see links below if you missed any of it), but it appears to have not been a warm welcome by the city as many people are already calling in complaining. What are they complaining about? We’re not exactly […]

Since releasing her video for “Man Down,” Rihanna has been at the center of a firestorm. Conservative groups are up in arms because of the visuals plot featuring rape and murder. Rihanna gets raped in the Anthony Mandler directed video and winds up killing her attacker. What’s crazy about all of this is most of […]

Rapper Brandon “Lil B” McCartney, arguably the most controversial music artist of the year, is back in the press stirring up controversy. This time, Lil B sits down with CNN to discuss his critics, death threats and his to-be-released album titled “I’m Gay”. CNN: What were you thinking when you named the album “I’m Gay?” […]