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Twyla Stallworth alabama police arrest video

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A Black woman who was shown on video being assaulted in front of her son by the police after she called 911 to report her white neighbor is demanding justice via a federal lawsuit being filed this week.

Twyla Stallworth, 40, was violently arrested and detained for more than 12 hours in Andalusia, Alabama, after her neighbor called the police on her over a noise dispute on Feb. 23. Andalusia Police Department Officer Grant Barton shoved Stallworth in her own home in the small town located about 85 miles south of Montgomery all because she called the cops about a neighbor playing loud music in their yard, her lawyers claim.

Stallworth’s lawsuit, formally announced Thursday morning, names Barton as well as the city of Andalusia, according to a press release about the lawsuit sent to NewsOne.

Click here to view a copy of the lawsuit.

What happened to Twyla Stallworth?

When the police didn’t respond to Stallworth’s multiple calls reporting her neighbor’s loud music, she set off her car’s alarm in an effort to show her neighbors what it’s like to have to deal with loud noise. When Stallworth’s neighbor, who is white, called the cops on her to report the car alarm, officers responded and threatened her with arrest if she didn’t stop the car alarm. Her neighbor avoided similar police treatment from his loud music, lawyers said.

Stallworth quickly suggested the inconsistent police responses were motivated by racism, prompting Barton to order Stallworth to produce her identification. When Stallworth retreated into her home, Barton forced his way inside without a warrant and made forceful contact with Stallworth’s son while trying to handcuff her on a sofa.

Stallworth’s son, 18-year-old Jermani Marshall, recorded the incident.

The lawsuit also claims Barton “physically assaulted” Marshall, an innocent party, by “pushing forcefully.”

The footage shows Barton refusing to de-escalate the situation despite pleas from Marshall, who is audibly distressed as he watches his mother get brutally arrested for not breaking any law.

The lawsuit claims Barton “physically assaulted” Stallworth “by shoving her down on a couch.”

Stallworth was charged with obstruction, resisting arrest and attempting to elude – charges Stallworth’s attorneys said were not merited.

“Calling out racism isn’t illegal,” civil rights attorney Harry Daniels previously said in a statement. “Using your badge to intimidate a 40-year-old mother is.”

Watch the footage below.

All charges against Stallworth were dropped last month, and Andalusia Mayor Earl Johnson formally apologized.

However, Johnson — who is white — insisted that Stallworth’s arrest was not “racially motivated.”

“On behalf of the City of Andalusia and the Andalusia Police Department, I would like to apologize to Twyla Stallworth for her arrest in February. All charges against Ms. Stallworth are being dropped,” Johnson said at the time before going out of his way to downplay the behavior of Andalusia Police Department Officer Grant Barton. “The arresting officer has a clean record with our department, but he made a mistake in this case on February 23rd. He has been disciplined for failing in his duty to know the law.”

Johnson continued: “When I learned about this incident … I offered to meet with Ms. Stallworth. She declined. Ms. Stallworth has not filed a complaint with the police department, but her attorney alleges in his release that her arrest was racially motivated. We have reviewed bodycam footage of the incident, and see no evidence of racism. We have always worked hard in Andalusia to maintain great relationships among our diverse populations.”


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