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Startling reports this afternoon as we hear that Michael Jackson‘s youngest brother Randy has been hospitalized after experiencing issues with chest pains.

Randy Jackson, now 48, experienced chest pains around lunchtime just yesterday afternoon and was taken to the Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena. He currently awaits his medical test results, according to an anonymous source unauthorized to speak to the press on behalf of the famous family members he represents.

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but sources also say the doctors are diagnosing Jackson as having had a mild heart attack. Either way, that doesn’t sound good at all. We are literally just days away from the one year anniversary of the tragic loss of our legendary pop icon and Randy’s older brother, the late Michael Jackson. I would not want to have to report on this story if anything happens with Randy Jackson’s health at this point. I just can’t take it, not a year later. How do you guys feel?

We also hear Randy Jackson has a history of heart problems and medical issues. Is there something deeper going on here? You tell us.

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