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Source: Children’s Home 

Josh is a 19 year old young adult, who lives with his parents, Jeff and Jennifer, his 16 year old quadruplet brothers, and various pets (including 3 dogs and 2 cats).

He was diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum in the first grade.  Attended Mason until the 8th grade.  Due to the struggles he had in the typical public school environment, his family and the district looked for other options that would be a better fit.  He began attending Heidt Center of Excellence (previously Autism Services at the Children’s Home) in grade 11.  Graduated last year from their high school program and moved into their transition program (Grade 23) this year.  Since attending the Heidt Center, Josh has been thriving and shown significant improvement in his independent skills that will help him be successful in the future.

Josh is creative, very interested and knowledgeable about World War I and World War II, and loves playing games on his computer/xbox.  He also loves cats, and likes dogs too.

Josh plans on working with a job coach this summer and will be attending Project Search at Otterbein in Warren County next school year, learning life skills to become an independent adult.  He hopes to find a job he enjoys and is successful in.

For more information on autism, how you can help and how you can receive help, visit The Children’s Home

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