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Siberian husky (Canis familiaris) three pups sitting side by side in snow

21-year-old Alina Orlova was arrested while waiting to board a flight in Russia the other day because authorities are investigating her and her roommate, Alena Savchenko, for violently torturing and killing cats and dogs in images posted on social media.

According to the Daily Mail, horrific images purportedly show one dog nailed to a wall as if it had been crucified and another dog hanging by its collar and then shot with an air gun.

Other animals are seen dead in the photos – including one cat which the girls appear to cut open to pull out its internal organs.

Police became involved after animal lovers reacted with outrage to the graphic images that were posed on social media.

Orlova told The Siberian Times:

“I would like to speak in my defence… I do not know who has put this stuff to the Internet – it is not the first time somebody wants to frame me. But I did not kill anyone and do not intend to kill.”

Local residents reportedly started a petition against the young women, who claim they are being framed. It is alleged that they adopted unwanted animals and then killed them. They called on authorities to make the girls pay for their gruesome crimes.

While the girls have both claimed their innocence, saying that the images are photoshopped, the images on social media seem to be fairly clear proof.

While Savchenko’s family reportedly has close ties to local police in their hometown of Khabarovsk, it appears that that jury of public opinion has already found these two guilty. It looks as thought the Russian justice system is actually catching up with them.

SOURCE: DailyMail | PHOTO: Getty

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