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Breaking News!

I had such high hopes for this couple, but it looks like another bites the dust. We all might have caught the post Rihanna made on IG.


I was thinking this post was just referring to the ex boyfriend’s before Drake, but now we can had him to that list. Drake was rumored to having relations with IG Model and BET’s The Westbrooks star India Westbrook. The deeper we get into this, the more mess we uncover. Not only is Drake messing around on Rihanna sketchy but Drake was also previously dating India’s sister, Crystal. She took to her social media accounts to address the issue. Then it was deleted of course.

– Source: TJB

I guess someone can relate to Ray J, Crystal must have hit it first…. But it ain’t fun if your sister can’t have none? A source close to the family claims India and Drake are , … “not exclusive. They’re not anything. They had sex and that’s it. Drake doesn’t want ANYONE to know. He’s not a fan that their secret has gotten out.”

Just in case you forgot who India Love was


Welp. This secret has gotten out, and now RiRi has called it quits. India has ran back to her ex boyfriend. Who does Drake have?

We’ll see how this plays out.


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