Breaking News! I had such high hopes for this couple, but it looks like another bites the dust. We all might have caught the post Rihanna made on IG.   I was thinking this post was just referring to the ex boyfriend’s before Drake, but now we can had him to that list. Drake was […]


A traditional celebration turns into a massive fire in the Indian state of Kerala, leaving hundreds of families in devastation


An Air France flight en route to Paris from Mauritius was forced to make an emergency landing, and more.

 Keenan Ivory Wayans Confirms Upcoming Wayans Comedy Tour!   PT1 PT2 Source : humormillmag.com reported several times when we were discussing the supposed upcoming In Living Color show for FOX, our sources told us then that the Wayans family were possibly thinking about creating a comedy tour. Well, with the recent success of both Kevin […]


World’s Cheapest Car Comes To The US Via: http://yahoo.com The Tata Nano that launced back in July of 2009 costs $2,500 in India, but safety changes will raise the price tag in the United States.  Its not quite sure when exactly the Tata Nano will make its way to the US, but we can possibly […]