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ince making his worldwide recording debut in 2005, we know rising music star Trey Songz (born Tremaine Aldon Neverson) is guilty of nothing but steadily climbing the Hip Hop/R&B charts in the last five years, gaining a strong fan base and a charming reputation with the ladies.

But did you know the “I Invented Sex” and “Neighbors Know My Name” singer is guilty of burning his friends while attempting to hone his skills as a master barber? Trey admits as he was learning the trends of cutting hair he once failed at it over five years ago so badly that he still has to apologize to one of his friends.

Our friends at have more on the story and Trey’s clipper fiasco. “My clippers got so hot, I remember I messed my homeboy’s head up so bad,” Songz recalls. Read more excerpts from the interview to find out how Trey feels about it today.

Can you imagine a young, up-and-coming R&B hipster chopping it up with a pair of clippers then suddenly begging for forgiveness for jacking up your fresh shape up? Epic fail, right?

Now we firmly believe in supporting the side hustle, but aren’t we all just a little glad that Trey isn’t cutting hair professionally these days? Rock on with your current choice of career and vocation, haha!

To all you master barbers and clients out there, what are your tips for handling accidents like the one Trey Songz and his friend experienced? Cincinnati, here’s your chance to tell us all about your barbershop horror stories by posting your comments below. This should be a good one. We’ll be back to find out the details.

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