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Much like the mounting beef between Drake and Meek Mill, this weeks’ episode of LHHATL was filled with unexpected….and unwanted…surprises. Stevie J, Nikko and Jessica Dime were forced to face the music after fires they’d started in the past came back to haunt them, while Tiffany, Rasheeda and Erica each decided to be the bigger person in their respective situations in hopes of keeping the drama at bay.

Let’s take a look at just what went down on LHHATL season 4, episode 15.

Kalenna & Tony Vick

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Tony separates Kalenna from Rasheeda and Kirk as she becomes increasingly upset during their couples dinner date. Despite Kalenna’s actions, Rasheeda insists that she was never talking about Kalenna behind her back, even though Kalenna had spoken negatively to Tami about her. Once outside away from the restaurant, Tony and Kalenna argue as Kalenna questions his motive for bringing up her potential postpartum depression issues in front of Rasheeda.

'Top Five' New York Premiere

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Karlie Redd later visits Kalenna at her home. Kalenna fills Karlie in on her botched dinner with Rasheeda and Kirk. When Kalenna brings up Tony’s comment about her postpartum depression, Karlie inquires as to whether or not Kaleena agrees with his thoughts that she might be going through it after all. Kalenna admits that she does think she is experiencing postpartum depression, although she continues to emphasize that her issues with Rasheeda, Tami and Tony are all things that would be upsetting with or without any type of depression present on her part. Karlie shares with Kalenna that she too went through postpartum depression after having her daughter and convinces Kalenna that she should seek counseling.

Runway Red Celebrity Kids Fashion Show

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Momma Dee prepares for her wedding by inviting Erica to join her while she’s shopping for flowers. Erica is shocked when Momma Dee suddenly asks her to be a bridesmaid in her wedding and she says she’ll have to think about it. During the confessional, Momma Dee admits that she’s always wanted Erica to be a part of their family before then asking Erica to accompany her to go wedding dress shopping.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Take Over Hosted By Stevie J & Joseline, Scrappy & Bambi

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Momma Dee later invites all of her potential bridesmaids to help her shop for wedding dresses. Erica arrives first and isn’t enthused to see Bambi also arrive. When Bambi offers to provide hair for all of the bridal party, Erica declines and the ladies briefly trade insults. Momma Dee’s daughter Jasmine is still not in favor of her marrying Ernest because of their previous relationship history and voices her concerns again to the group.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Arrivals

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Tiffany Fox insists on reassuring Joseline that her wanting to work with Stevie J in the studio is all business, so she asks her to meet up for drinks. Joseline arrives at the meeting but is initially standoffish and tells Tiffany that she’s not sure why she’s there. She loosens up once she determines that Tiffany asked to meet with her on her own merit rather than just taking Stevie J’s word that Joseline approved of them working together. Joseline tells Tiffany that she appreciates her for being a woman about the situation but is not happy with Stevie for lying to her and telling her that he was no longer working with any other female artists in the studio. Tiffany is slightly surprised when Joseline changes the subject to Jessica Dime being a part of a recent threesome with she and Stevie, but is relieved that Joseline seems to be opening up to her.

Mimi Faust Hosts Aurum Lounge

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Nikko’s mom comes to visit and he and Margeaux fill her in on what’s going on between them during a dinner outing. His mother tells them that she is taken aback by the news that they are divorcing given that Mimi is no longer in the picture. Margeaux drops a bombshell on both Nikko and his mother when she reveals that she’s been dating someone else. Nikko says he was under the impression that he still had a chance to work things out with Margeaux, but now feels that she’s not interested since she’s in another relationship. Margeaux insists that although her new relationship is “getting serious,” it has nothing to do with her reasoning for wanting to end her marriage to Nikko.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Afterparty

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Scrappy and Bambi meet up in the park after separately taking some time to cool down following their heated argument in the studio over Bambi appearing in another rapper’s music video without telling Scrappy. She says she kept the video a secret from him because she didn’t want him to try and stop her and explains that doing the video was her way of getting back to focusing on her own life outside of their life together. Scrappy promises to do a better job of supporting her career aspirations before questioning the whereabouts of the key to his home that he’d given her previously. During the confessional, Bambi says that while she likes the idea of being able to pop up at Scrappy’s house any time she wants, she’s not planning to move in just yet because she likes to be able to have her own place to go when she needs to get away.

Love & Hip Hop Takeover

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Joseline seduces Stevie J in an attempt to get him to tell her the truth about working with Tiffany and it works. When Stevie tells Joseline that he’s already recorded Tiffany’s track, she decides to come clean about the fact that she has already met with Tiffany and questions Stevie about why he lied to her. Joseline then tells Stevie that she’s also been in the studio without him and has recorded a song with other producers. He’s not happy about the news and criticizes Joseline for going behind his back after all of the work he’s done to help further her career over the last 4 years.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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Tiffany and Jessica Dime end up at the same club and Jessica goes over to speak with Tiffany about their blow up at Jazzy Phae’s studio.  Jessica is frustrated to learn that Mimi has gotten Tiffany in the studio with both Stevie J and Jazzy Phae but has not done the same for her. When Jessica voices her frustrations with Mimi to Tiffany, Tiffany then tells Jessica about Stevie, Jazzy Phae and Mimi being hesitant to work with her because of her unprofessionalism. Jessica instantly feels insulted and their conversation turns in to a screaming match, with Jessica throwing a drink on Tiffany. Things continue to escalate until Dawn and security step in to keep them apart.


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