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Whether you’ve been tuned in to Love & Hip Hop Atlanta for 1 season or all 4 seasons, you can attest to the fact that this is one reality show cast who is never short on comebacks in their endless amount of verbal…..and physical…confrontations.

For this week’s recap, we’ve highlighted the funniest one-liners from each scene . Let’s get started.

'Think Like A Man Too' Atlanta Premiere - After Party

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“Get yourself together bae.” 

Karlie Redd throws her entire drink in KD’s face but security escorts KD out before she can retaliate. Lyfe is disappointed in Karlie’s actions and pulls her to remind her that her confrontations could negatively affect his legal situation if it ever became necessary for him to intervene. Karlie says she’ll handle things differently moving forward because she doesn’t want to risk getting Lyfe into any trouble.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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“You’re still bar tending in Brooklyn, right?”/”Absolutely, I am.”/Ok, good. Go make me a drink.”

Margeaux meets up with Joseline to vent about Stevie tricking her into the photoshoot. After Joseline confirms that she knew about the shoot, Margeaux tells her that she feels it was sneaky but Joseline insists that she thought it would be a good opportunity for Margeaux and her career. Their conversation quickly erupts into an insult-filled shouting match and ends with Margeaux suggesting that Joseline is just angry because her husband “is still on love with Mimi” before walking out.

Kevin Hart Visits Vanquish

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“I don’t understand how, your babymama number FOUR, would have that personal information.”

KD visits Joc in the studio to tell him about her run in with Karlie and Sina. Joc is confused as to why Karlie and Sina would be anywhere together in the first place and surprised to hear that Karlie threw a drink on KD. KD then tells Joc about Sina’s snide remark about her pregnancy scare and questions him as to why he told Sina about the scare in the first place. She suggests that they take another break from their relationship in light of the incident but Joc says he’s fed up with her taking breaks every time drama occurs. After Joc curses KD out, she insists that she’s done with him for good.

LHHATL Season 4, Episode 6 Recap Gifs

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“Scrappy is about to take the plunge. My only advice to him is: “ruuuuun, Scrappy, ruuuuuun!”

Scrappy invites Joc, Kirk and Tony over for a game of poker. The guys are shocked when he tells them that he’s given Bambi a key to his home. In the midst of beginning to offer Scrappy advice against “playing house” with Bambi, Joc ends up telling the guys about his break up with KD. Tony shares his struggles with Kaleena over her lack of management and says that he doesn’t think right now is a good time for her to come back out with new music because she still “needs to lose 25 pounds” of baby weight. Kirk rounds out the confession hour by bringing up Rasheeda and Kalenna’s argument in the studio, which leads Tony to suggest that he and Kirk arrange a meeting so that their wives can repair their friendship.

Screening of Universal Pictures' LUCY Hosted By Kandi Burruss

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“So the dude, Loude, is like, on elf swag. So Bambi’s damn sure lookin’ like a giraffe, not a deer.

Rasheeda and Tami attend the viewing party for rapper Loude’s new music video in which Bambi is featured. Rasheeda becomes uncomfortable as she and Tami watch Bambi publicly flirting with Loude. Bambi later introduces Loude to the ladies before asking them their thoughts on the video. When Bambi tells Rasheeda that Scrappy is unaware of her involvement in the video, Rasheeda is convinced that he won’t be too happy when he finds out and finally seeds it for himself.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2013 - Afterparty

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“They said you was doin’ a lil too much in the video.”/”Well, you do too much in real life, so…”

Kirk and Rasheeda visit Scrappy at the studio and are in the middle of telling him about the video shoot when Bambi walks in. He immediately lets Babmi know that he’s not happy about having to find out about her working with Loude through other people. Babmi is annoyed by Rasheeda telling Scrappy about the video and hints that if Scrappy would have been a more active, supportive part of her career aspirations then maybe she wouldn’t have done the video or kept it from him. She also tells Scrappy that she’s grown tired of dealing with all the drama in his life without having focused at all on her career in the process before advising him to get himself together and walking out of the studio.

Stevie J

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“Ten thousand dollars is what I asked for.”/ “I”ll give you ten. I’mma give you ten seconds to leave cause I’m not paying you nothing.”

Margeaux meets up with Stevie J to discuss the magazine shoot and the payment she was supposedly promised for the photos. Stevie tells Margeaux that he wasn’t upfront about being involved with the photo shoot because he really wanted to work with her but wasn’t sure she’d go for it. She becomes defensive when Stevie tells her that her affiliation with Nikko is hindering her career opportunities. Margeaux demands that Stevie pay her $10,000 for use of her photos in his magazine and he says he’d rather just not use the photos and pay her nothing.

Love And Hip Hop Atlanta Season 4, Episode 5

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“I’m not selling my soul for the bullsh*t.” / “Cause don’t nobody wanna buy it, Kalenna!” – Rasheeda to Kalenna

Rasheeda and Kalenna are surprised to see each other at the couples dinner arranged by Tony and Kirk. The guys quickly explain that it was their idea to get their wives together in hopes that they can mend their friendship. Kalenna says isn’t interested in fixing their friendship at present. She becomes understandably upset when Tony brings up her suspected struggles with postpartum depression but says that that has nothing to do with the way she’s been reacting to the recent troublesome situations in her life. The conversation between the couples goes up another notch when Tony suggests that Kirk and Rasheeda become the godparents for he and Kalenna’s new baby. The guys then leave the ladies alone to discuss their issues, but ultimately no progress is made and Tony ends up having to escort Kalenna out after she attempts to get physical with Rasheeda when their talk goes left.

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