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This week, music producer, rapper and self-proclaimed asshole Kanye West celebrated his 38th birthday.

In honor of the latest Love & Hip Hop Atlanta episode airing on West’s born day, this week’s LHHATL recap will feature song titles, gifs and photos inspired by the life and times of Yeezy with a little help from the youngest West in charge.

Disrespect, dirty laundry and precious cameos dominated this week’s episode, so without further ado, let’s start.

'Runaway' New York Premiere

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Devil In A New Dress

A conniving Nikko brings Margeaux over to introduce her to Mimi and Arianne after the fashion show. Mimi immediately takes a few verbal jabs at Margeaux, suggesting that Nikko spent two years “not claiming” her as his wife.

When Margeaux’s attempt to correct Mimi includes a finger in Mimi’s face, their confrontation goes left briefly before Nikko and Arianne step in to try and calm things down. With Mimi now hurling harsher insults at Margeaux, she begins to taunt Mimi and asks if her friends know that she and Nikko actually planned the sex tape release. Mimi instead insists that Nikko lied to them both.

Things continue to escalate until Mimi finally walks away and Arianne speaks to Margeaux one on one. As Margeaux continues to defend Nikko and insist that Mimi was in on the plan, Arianne attempts to shut her up by telling her that Nikko is a clown. But Margeaux is intent on riding for her husband.

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Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Ashley is excited about a recent promo performance and is sharing her excitement with a skeptical Kirk when he gets a call from Joc telling him that Rasheeda is auctioning off his things. Kirk quickly has their driver make a detour and head to the auction to confront Rasheeda.

Later, Kirk and Ashley walk in just as the auction is underway. Kirk confronts an uninterested Rasheeda, who insists that Kirk left her no other choice by not allowing her to use their money to further her business ventures. Rasheeda is also disgusted to see Ashley has accompanied Kirk on his quest to shut down the auction. When Rasheeda’s mother chastises Kirk for coming to the auction with Ashley, all hell quickly brakes loose. Rasheeda quickly steps to Ashely for being disrespectful to her mother and bringing up Kirk’s past infidelity.

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So Apalled

Nikko and Margeaux discuss the confrontation with Mimi. Nikko says he’s not happy that Margeaux told Mimi of her knowledge about the “real truth” behind the sex tape. Nikko claims that he didn’t want Mimi knowing what he told Margeaux because it may jeopardize their book deal. It’s that Margeaux’s main concern is clearing her own name by telling the world that the man she’s remaining married to isn’t a scumbag, while Nikko is only interested in making sure he can still make money off of Mimi.

Kanye and North West

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Only One

Mimi takes her adorable daughter Eva to the circus and she is overjoyed when her father Stevie J makes a surprise appearance as part of the circus. Stevie says that all went well with his New York court appearance and he was able to avoid jail time. Mimi fills Stevie J in on the drama between Jessica Dime and Tiffany during their short-lived studio session with Jazzy Pha after they put Eva to bed. She also tells him about her confrontation with Nikko and Margeaux. Stevie offers to pay Nikko another visit but Mimi insists she’ll handle it herself.

Mimi creates three children’s books with her daughter Eva to fulfill her “book deal” with Nikko.

Kanye West gif

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Love Lockdown

Joc pops up on KD at the spa after she reveals that she moved out of their apartment together and is staying in a hotel. She admits that she would’ve never believed that Joc was still sleeping with Sina had she not revealed the video footage from Joc’s last visit to her house. Joc apologizes to KD again and invites her to come as his date to a get together that he’s having for all four of his baby mamas. She cautiously agrees to attend.

Kanye West gif

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Rasheeda and Kirk have a tense conversation at home following the auction. She tells him that she held the auction to get his attention and also reveals that she was able to make three times the amount she needed to open the store from the auction before Kirk’s arrival. She says she’s in their marriage for the long haul but will not tolerate disrespect from Ashley Nicole. As part owner of their D-lo management company, Rasheeda warns Kirk that if he doesn’t get a handle on Ashley, she will not hesitate terminate her contract.

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Mimi and Nikko later meet up to discuss their book deal. She makes another attempt to renegotiate their original contract terms and becomes angry when Nikko doesn’t bite. Nikko claims that he and Mimi made a pact not to ever reveal the real truth about the sex tape release, but says their pact is no longer in tact now that they’re not together. When he “reminds” Mimi that she’s been lying to the public about the details of the sex tape deal the entire time, she becomes irate and gives him Eva’s children’s books as a means of fulfilling their book deal contract before storming out. She never denies Nikko’s allegations that she had a hand in releasing the tape.

Kanye West "How Sway"

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All Falls Down

Karlie Redd tells Joseline about Mimi and Margeaux’s run in at the fashion show during their gym session. Joseline is unhappy to also learn from Karlie that Stevie is helping Mimi manage Tiffany Fox and Jessica Dimepiece.

Joseline then confronts Stevie about going behind her back to manage other female artists outside of her and places their wedding plans on hold. As they have breakfast, she snaps on Stevie and he ends up with more of his mimosa on his face than in his mouth.

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