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“Women, Are You Serious”, is the question author Sharif Rasheed wants to know in his latest guidebook to relationships and happiness. In this book, Rasheed share tips for obtaining happiness in external relationships by loving yourself and becoming comfortable with being yourself no matter what.


  1. Tell the listeners a little about who is Sharif Rasheed is?

Sharif Rasheed is a man that loves what he does in its purest form. I have always worked hard at what I do and enjoy it because it is a fun ride. I have a simple outlook on life that is about right and wrong. I have been called a realist, but I chose to call myself a common sense thinker. I love myself and know my worth. I was raised by a strong woman that educated me on life experience and made sure I always stayed humble and true to myself. I have centered my life on peace and self-love.


  1. Tell me about your new book?

In “Women, Are You Serious” I ask women to question their relationships with both self and others. Looking at past relationships is a thought-provoking self-empowerment tool to motivate you while you embark on a personal journey to self-love. Happiness starts with awareness and honesty. Guided by my principle factors to achieving happiness, I help you embrace your personal strengths that will become the building blocks to your new foundation of love and happiness.


  1. What makes you an expert in relationships?

What makes me an expert is I use the tools and lessons that were given to me by the women in my life. I have learned a lot about, Life, Love and Relationships from some of the most honest women you can imagine. These are the women that I dedicated my book to. I have listened, paid attention and studied relationships for years and finally decided to put my knowledge into a book. I am young and many may doubt my expertise, but I ask them to read my book before they make judgment.


  1. How did you come up with the name of your book?

I have always said “Seriously” It was almost like a catch phrase that I used when someone did something that was ridiculous, unnecessary or funny. I always knew that the title does not come first. As I was writing and ran a lot of title through my head and nothing was sticking. I said to myself “Serious, I can’t think of a title?” and at that moment I knew what my title was going to be. Since my book is about women questioning self and others I thought Women, Are you serious? was a great title for my book. It is not only is catchy, but it also sparks conversation.


  1. Who/What inspires you to do what you do?

My mother is my true inspiration. She has given me so much knowledge and support since I was a little child. She taught me about life and showed me what pure love is. I have learned so much from her about relationships and honesty. She gave me a foundation that starts with self-love years ago and it is what helped me write this book.


  1. Are you single, and what do you desire in a woman?

I am in a successful relationship and it is beautiful. Relationships are great and can create some of the greatest joys in your life. Relationships can inspire you to do great things like write a book. I desire a woman that loves herself. A strong woman that knows her worth because it is something that is extremely beautiful and exciting. You cannot describe the feeling with words I can only say that it is a feeling that we should all want to have and deserve to have.


  1. What is your favorite quote?  “Use the power of your word in the direction of truth and love” – Don Miguel Ruiz

If you’re battling with self-love and forgiveness, this is a great book to read. It helps you comfort those feelings that you’ve been hiding from . This book teaches you how to love and accept yourself during the good, bad and UGLY. Check out a sneak peek of the book HERE.

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