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If you are trying to decide which way to go it’s for 1. Too late since its already Saturday! But 2. If you were unable to find the things you were looking for or with everything going on in the media as in some people chose to boycott “Black Friday” so you didn’t go, or 3. You just didn’t go... what about Cyber Monday? What is the difference? Which is better?

Pros to Cyber Monday vs. Black Friday

1. No brainier! Its easier and much quicker

2. If you were out of town, didn’t have the money at the time, out visiting relatives going house to house and didn’t have time or even had to work this is for you.

3. Can go back and forth and compare prices to see who has the best deal

4. You can take your time being that you are in the comfort of your home or office

5. Don’t have to worry who will watch the kids while your out in madness

6. If you don’t go as soon as the store opens you might miss out, especially on tv’s, game systems for the kids, Ipads, ect… these will sell out quick so you must get to the store and wait in line mins/hours before

Cons… you don’t get to actually see what you are buying, you have to worry about shipping and shipping costs and most will be back to work on Monday after being off a long weekend so instead of working your shopping.

But… Pros to Black Friday vs. Cyber Monday

1. You can see the product for yourself

2. Prices are actually cheaper

3. Some stuff that was on for Black Friday might not be on for Monday, and those items might has already sold out

4. Fun outing with family or friends to watch the madness

5. Meeting people is cool

Cons…VERY easy to overspend and its VERY crowded with long lines! You have to be there at least a hour early and be aggressive and fast!

I’m a Black Friday shopper myself…

For more info click here: http://brooklyn.about.com/od/Thanksgiving-Week-in-Brooklyn/qt/10-Pros-And-Cons-Of-Shopping-On-Black-Friday-And-Cyber-Monday-Where-Are-The-Deals.htm

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