If you are trying to decide which way to go it’s for 1. Too late since its already Saturday! But 2. If you were unable to find the things you were looking for or with everything going on in the media as in some people chose to boycott “Black Friday” so you didn’t go, or […]

Whether you’re attending Black Friday or Cyber Monday here’ some tips you need for shopping! 1. Shop with you home computer 2. Shop  with Credit Card or PayPal 3. Get coupons in advance for Cyber Monday 4. Dress Appropriately 5. Bring Cash For more smart tips click here. Ms. Ebony J ” The Host That […]

I’ll admit it! Kristen K is a Black Friday shopper! I’m in line Thursday night looking for hot deals for my son, family and friends and I can’t forget myself! Recently I had discussion on which is better Black Friday shopping or Cyber Monday! 5 Pros: Reasons to Shop Cyber Monday Rather Than Black Friday […]