This morning, it was Chris Brown’s time to face the music in his DC assault case stemming back to his arrest in October 2013. Brown was outside of The W hotel when he assaulted a man who jumped in a picture he was taking with two females.

Being charged with an misdemeanor assault charger, Brown plead guilty as he stood before the judge this morning in DC. His lawyer,  Danny Onorato, argued that his client had already served enough time when he was in jail in California, as well as the time spent in inpatient counseling.

“To say that he’s been punished severely in this matter is an understatement.” On0rato is hoping that the judge preciding over this case will see that Brown wants to take responsibility for what he has done and can get back on track with his career.

During the trial, Brown apologized for his actions.

“I would like to say to the court that I’m sorry.”

Brown was sentenced to time already served. Now the music superstar can go on tour and promote his upcoming album, X.


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