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Now if Twerking was not already dead, slowly dieing, or otherwise; it’s more than likely dead now. Jennifer Lopez was out to prove she’s the real “TWERKING QUEEN” during a booty-bouncing performance in Miami and crashed and burned doing so (personal Opinion). Watch this and tell me what you think.

JLo is known for her big ‘ol booty, dancing, singing, just being an all around amazing artist; so when she hit the stage at the “iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party” on the CW last night I was just expecting more. Im just sayin’ com’om the song is called “Booty” and from JLo I was expecting something a little less stiff.

jlo2 iHeartRadio Ultimate Pool Party Presented By VISIT FLORIDA At Fontainebleau's BleauLive - Stage

Maybe I’m being to hard on her, she is 44 years old after all and still works it better than Miley who is almost 20 years younger than her. Practically came out of her clothes she was going so hard lol . don’t believe me? Well lets take a closer look.

Jlo MalfuctionBut of course as always I want to know what you think.

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