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csI’m not totally sure what’s up with the homie Columbus Short. I remember a time where he had the ladies going nuts! These days all gets is the side eye for a bunch of foolery. What’s really hood? I know we all have ups and downs in our life, but as a celebrity you have to work 10X harder to keep it together because the whole world is watching! Let’s say Columbus really sucks at this skill…

After hanging out at Katy Trail Ice House in Dallas for about four hours, the “Gave Ya” singer felt he had enough to drink and decided to leave. But…he allegedly didn’t pay his tab, so the bouncer at the door talked to him about it.

Apparently, Columbus was pissed the bouncer asked him about his unpaid tab and began screaming. An eyewitness tells TMZ the shamed actor accused the security guard of being a racist…but we’re not sure why seeing that the guard was also black. Then their screaming match turned into an all out scuffle.

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