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Somehow Columbus Short has been able to avoid long-term rehab, and instead, find women to mate with.

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Columbus Short is already on to the next. Just a few short months after ending his marriage with Karrine Steffans, it seems that Short is ready to settle down with the woman he was cheating on Steffans with. The Scandal star’s new bae is a publicist named Aida Abramyan, and not only are the two engaged, they are […]

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Sigh. The news just continues to get worse for troubled actor Columbus Short. This time his legal woes have actually garnered him a jail sentence amongst other issues he has being facing as of late.   The once promising actor and former Scandal co-star just can’t seem to stay out of trouble and above the […]

Columbus Short has been having a rough go of it in the relationship department.


Ex-lovers Karrine Steffans and Columbus Short seem to disagree on what led to their relationship’s demise. After Karrine Steffans publicly threw out her “husband” Columbus Short, the retired video vixen talked exclusively to HB about their marital issues: “I’m so in love with this man. He’s so good to me and my son. And taking care of our house and such […]

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Columbus Short debuts a romantic video and song with his new wife.


Columbus Short has been able to avoid jail time for a felony assault after knocking a guy out at a West Los Angeles restaurant in…

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Former Scandal actor, Columbus Short arrested again. Tuesday night he was hunted, caught and put in cuffs. Sources say he was arrested by Bounty Hunters for a bench warrant while others say he was taken into custody for not paying a Bail Bondsman. What ever the reason the look on his face after they hemmed […]

Ok, one or USED to be one of my favorite actors-Columbus Short, has taken things way to far! Being in and out of the news headlines negativity, for the past year he has surely lost it for sure now…RUMOR has it… the woman he currently has pregant put a restraining order on him for emotionally […]

Former Scandal star Columbus Short may need to call Olivia Pope for the legal battle he’s about to face. An L.A. judge ruled Tuesday, there was…

Well look who had a, “come to Jesus” moment. Ex-Scandal star Columbus Short is finally spilling the tea on why he left the hit ABC show. Short stopped by…