Things do not look good for this separation. Amber and Wiz are doing a lot of finger pointing and battling out! We all know she is going to receive that Milli and spousal support; the question now is if there will be shared custody of their son. The public is trying to timeline their breakup […]

Tamar and Vince is back, and it’s about to be a real good reality season with these 2! Tamar struggles for more control over her career and bumps heads with Vince along the way. Sooo, are we still talking edges? Tay is bosses up and looking fabulous sipping tea though. Lol, love it! Check out […]

What’s going on here *Kevin Hart voice* In a recent performance this happened:

I can’t. I really can’t. Now, I REALLY like Porsha. But this here. Baby! I simply CanNOT. Below is a recent performance. For more visit The Young, Black and Fabulous.

I love them, lol. So Wiz has a new record “A** Drop”. As you can see Amber has inspired the visual in such a fabulous way. Gotta love a couple that can play together:

Chile, if I look half this good in 10 more years I’d be geeked! Angela Bassett does not age! She was gorgeous 20 years ago, and is killin’ the game today! These pictures are just a small indication that black definately does NOT crack! 55-year-old Angela Bassett is serving up major fabulousness in her new […]

OK! We like, right? Ashanti is rocking some box braids, looking extra fly girl like. Cute! BONUS

I was fortunate enough to take my daughter to see Beyonce in Chicago this week. Her and her church friend were super excited about it! My boo even cried real tears. The joys of being a parent. I love it!

I love K. Michelle. As crazy as she is, yes I am a fan. The girl can sing and her personality is infectious. Plus, she’s not afraid to be a little ratchet! Watch and compare her twerk skills over the last month or so. Looks like somebody’s been putting in work lol: BEFORE AFTER

I’m not totally sure what’s up with the homie Columbus Short. I remember a time where he had the ladies going nuts! These days all gets is the side eye for a bunch of foolery. What’s really hood? I know we all have ups and downs in our life, but as a celebrity you have […]