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This past week, Taye Diggs was a guest on Wendy. During their couch chat, Wendy asked Taye if he spanks his 4 year-old son who he says is now beginning to get “sassy.” He said “Noooo!” but then followed it with…”not yet.” Wendy went on to say that she’s not against a little “tap, tap” when it comes to discipline. While Taye said he’s not against it, he isn’t at the point where he feels spanking his child is necessary.

Growing up, my sister and I never got spankings. We got the evil eye if we were acting up – especially in public – and that was enough to keep us in line. We might have gotten a pinch in church if we were giggling instead of paying attention to the sermon, but that’s about it. A punishment for us was taking away privileges, like talking on the phone or watching TV. I think I can count on one hand how many times she physically threatened us – and they were just that…threats.

Granted, I don’t think we did too much of anything that warranted a beat down. We were too afraid to see what was behind that look she gave – her glares were pretty scary. We rarely disobeyed her, mainly because we didn’t want to disappoint her. The feeling of letting her down was worse than any whooping she could have given us. If only disciplining a child were as simple as saying “you hurt mommy’s feelings.”

Now that I am a mother, I wonder how I’ll discipline my son when the time comes. I know one day he’s going to be feeling himself and I’m gonna have to get in that behind and let him know that he can’t disrespect me or anyone else. But since I’ve never been spanked, I can’t see myself hitting my child. The funny thing is though, I’ve seen other people’s children misbehaving and quickly thought to myself, “he/she needs to get knocked out.” So perhaps one day I’ll feel the same way about my own child. I hope not.

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