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If you are like me I always do facials on Sunday. WHY? No clue but my face/skin is very important to me!

Check out these 6 foods that helps improves your skin!

Tomatoes – contain a powerful antioxidant called lycopene (helps with sun damage)

Red Meat- helps in treating acne

Green Tea – antioxidant

Green Beans- Grow thicker hair and healthier nails

Walnuts- concerned with redness, swelling, blotchiness, acne breakouts, or wrinkles, walnuts may be your new best friend

Yogurt – replenish the “good” bacteria in your body and keeps yeast in check

Read more at: http://www.dailyglow.com/the-best-foods-for-your-skin.html?pos=1&xid=nl_EverydayHealthHealthyLiving_20130622


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