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Ladies we are good about going to the doctor however our men are notorious for ignoring health symptoms and avoiding the doctor’s office.

Ladies, lets help our fathers, brothers, husbands, uncles and male friends locate 10 health symptoms that shouldn’t be ignored!

Danger sign #1: He has a big gut

Danger sign #2: He’s frequently constipated

Danger sign #3: He can’t “get it up” or keep it there

Danger sign #4: He loves to bake in the sun

Danger sign #5: Antacids are his best friend.

Danger sign #6: He’s always thirsty

Danger sign #7: He snores

Danger sign #8: He’s short of breath, wheezes or coughs up mucus

Danger sign #9: He feels pain while peeing

Danger sign #10: He’s depressed or has thoughts of suicide.

For more detailed information log on to: Danger sign #10: He’s depressed or has thoughts of suicide. – See more at: http://www.lifescript.com/health/centers/mens/articles/10_symptoms_your_guy_shouldnt_ignore.aspx#sthash.uMi2NNGL.dpuf

And lets get our men HELP!


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