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Its no secret that in-laws have “complicated relationships” with the person trying to move into their child lives. Here are 10 issues that might can  rub  them the wrong!

1. “You’re welcome to come over any time. We’re always here for you.”- Making promises you don’t intend to keep leads to resentment

2. “I didn’t ask for your opinion.” – Just assume their intentions are good, say ‘thank you’ and do your own thing,

3. “I can’t believe you voted for him.” – Politics, religion and other hot-button topics can turn a family dinner into a battleground

4. “Why didn’t you teach your son/daughter to…”

5. “I just feel more comfortable with my family.”

6. “I hope I inherit your armoire.”

7. “We’re too busy to see you.”

8.  “Could you talk to your daughter/son for me?”

9.  “Don’t plan on seeing the kids all the time.”

10. “It’s better if your son talks to you.”

Hopefully these 10 tips help you in what and what not to say to your In-laws! For more information log on to: http://shine.yahoo.com/healthy-living/10-things-never-mother-law-154900445.html


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