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It’s no surprise that people want to know how the slimmest, sexiest stars in Hollywood maintain their fabulous figures. I know I do! Lets take a look at some of the hottest stars and how they maintain their glamour!

Nia Long secret- Buddy Up to Get Motivated! –  an hour and 45 minutes cardio sessions but working out with a friend is what truly keeps her motivated.

Buddy Up to Get Motivated!

Cuba Gooding Jr.secret- Eat What You Want, in Moderation- indulge in your favorite foods but offers this tip on doing so without going overboard: eat half then walk away!

Eat What You Want, in Moderation

Usher secret-A Seasoned Diet Plan-To keep his figure lean and toned, he incorporates the mantra “You are what you eat” into his daily diet. “I eat chicken breasts, avoid bread, and go very light on the seasoning,” he says. “No butter.

A Seasoned Diet Plan

Maria Menounos secret-Squeeze in Fitness On the Go-  fitting in exercise when you have a hectic schedule: “In the car, constantly squeeze your abs and then squeeze your butt. You’re getting your sit-ups and butt work in while stuck in traffic,

Squeeze in Fitness On the Go

For more tips and stars log on to: http://www.everydayhealth.com/photogallery/8-star-secrets-to-looking-and-feeling-great.aspx?xid=nl_MyCalorieCounterNewsletter_20130412#/slide-4


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